All right, so let’s take four subjects that obviously go together: big data, tattoos, immortality and the Greeks. Right?

Now, the issue about tattoos is that, without a word, tattoos really do shout. [Beautiful] [Intriguing]So you don’t have to say a lot. [Allegiance] [Very intimate] [Serious mistakes] (Laughter) And tattoos tell you a lot of stories. If I can ask an indiscreet question, how many of you have tattoos? A few, but not most. What happens if Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, cell phones, GPS, Foursquare, Yelp, Travel Advisor, all these things you deal with every day turn out to be electronic tattoos? And what if they provide as much information about who and what you are as any tattoo ever would?

What’s ended up happening over the past few decades is the kind of coverage that you had as a head of state or as a great celebrity is now being applied to you every day by all these people who are Tweeting, blogging, following you, watching your credit scores and what you do to yourself. And electronic tattoos also shout. And as you’re thinking of the consequences of that, it’s getting really hard to hide from this stuff, among other things, because it’s not just the electronic tattoos, it’s facial recognition that’s getting really good. So you can take a picture with an iPhone and get all the names, although, again, sometimes it does make mistakes. (Laughter) But that means you can take a typical bar scene like this, take a picture, say, of this guy right here, get the name, and download all the records before you utter a word or speak to somebody, because everybody turns out to beabsolutely plastered by electronic tattoos.

And so there’s companies like face.com that now have about 18 billion faces online. Here’s what happened to this company. [Company sold to Facebook, June 18, 2012…] There are other companies that will place a camera like this - this has nothing to do with Facebook - they take your picture, they tie it to the social media, they figure out you really like to wear black dresses, so maybe the person in the store comes up and says, “Hey, we’ve got five black dresses that would just look great on you.”

So what if Andy was wrong? Here’s Andy’s theory. [In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.] What if we flip this? What if you’re only going to be anonymous for 15 minutes? (Laughter) Well, then, because of electronic tattoos, maybe all of you and all of us are very close to immortality, because these tattoos will live far longer than our bodies will. And if that’s true, then what we want to do is we want to go through four lessons from the Greeks and one lesson from a Latin American.

Why the Greeks? Well, the Greeks thought about what happens when gods and humans and immortality mix for a long time.

So lesson number one: Sisyphus. Remember? He did a horrible thing, condemned for all time to roll this rock up, it would roll back down, roll back up, roll back down. It’s a little like your reputation.Once you get that electronic tattoo, you’re going to be rolling up and down for a long time, so as you go through this stuff, just be careful what you post.

Myth number two: Orpheus, wonderful guy, charming to be around, great partier, great singer, loses his beloved, charms his way into the underworld, only person to charm his way into the underworld,charms the gods of the underworld, they release his beauty on the condition he never look at her until they’re out. So he’s walking out and walking out and walking out and he just can’t resist. He looks at her, loses her forever. With all this data out here, it might be a good idea not to look too far into the past of those you love.

Lesson number three: Atalanta. Greatest runner. She would challenge anybody. If you won, she would marry you. If you lost, you died. How did Hippomenes beat her? Well, he had all these wonderful little golden apples, and she’d run ahead, and he’d roll a little golden apple. She’d run ahead, and he’d roll a little golden apple. She kept getting distracted. He eventually won the race.Just remember the purpose as all these little golden apples come and reach you and you want to post about them or tweet about them or send a late-night message.

And then, of course, there’s Narcissus. Nobody here would ever be accused or be familiar with Narcissus. (Laughter) But as you’re thinking about Narcissus, just don’t fall in love with your own reflection.

Last lesson, from a Latin American: This is the great poet Jorge Luis Borges. When he was threatened by the thugs of the Argentine military junta, he came back and said, “Oh, come on, how else can you threaten, other than with death?” The interesting thing, the original thing, would be to threaten somebody with immortality. And that, of course, is what we are all now threatened with today because of electronic tattoos.

Thank you.


好的,让我们来谈谈 四个显而易见彼此搭调的主题: 大数据,纹身,永生,古希腊人. 对吧?

嗯,关于纹身这个问题,关键是 纹身无言,却有喊叫般的力量 [美] [摄人心魄] 所以你无需多言 [忠诚] [亲密无间] [严重的错误] (笑声) 而且,纹身讲述着许多故事. 容我冒昧一问, 在座各位多少人有纹身? 有几个,但不是大多数. 那如果脸书(facebook),谷歌(google),推特(twitter),邻客音(LinkedIn), 手机,GPS全球定位系统,四方(foursquare),Yelp(美国”大众点评网”),旅行顾问(Trip Advisor), 所有这些你每天打交道的东西 都变成(你的)电子纹身? 而且,如果他们能像纹身一样,提供足够的 关于你的身份的信息呢?

所以近几十年来发生的正是 那些从前只有国家元首 或者社会名流才可能得到的关注度 现在你无时无刻不能拥有 通过所有那些在推特,博客上”粉”你,与你互动, 跟踪关注你的信用纪录和你都干了些什么的人 而且,电子纹身亦有喊叫般的力量 而且,当你想想它所产生的结果时, (你会发现),你从中无处躲藏,并且, 因为不仅仅是这些电子纹身 面部识别技术也日臻完善 所以你可以用iphone拍一张照片,然后得知(其中所有人的)名字 不过,当然啦,有时它也不准 (笑声) 然而,这意味着你可以拍一张像这样的典型的酒吧场景的照片, 比方说,拍一张这个家伙的照片, 得知他的名字,然后下载(关于他的)所有纪录 然后再去跟别人交谈, 因为每个人最终都 被电子纹身覆体

然后,有像face.com这样的 在线上现有大约180亿张脸的公司 这是这家公司后来发生的事– [公司于2012年7月18日被脸书收购……] 还有别家公司会安置摄像头 就像这样–这家公司跟脸书没有关系– 他们拍下你的照片,把它与社交媒体绑定, (然后)估摸出你特别喜欢穿黑裙子, 然后可能(当你逛街的时候)店员就会走上前来跟你说: “您好,我们刚到店五条黑裙子, 您穿一定好看.”

那么,有没有可能安迪(安迪`沃霍尔)错了? 安迪的理论是这样的: [在将来,每个人都有十五分钟,举世瞩目.] 如果我们从反面想想, 有没有可能你将只有十五分钟,默默无闻? (笑声) 嗯,那样的话,由于电子纹身, 可能你我都将接近永生, 因为这些电子纹身都将 比我们的肉体更加长存于世 如果这样的话,那我们可能想要 回顾一下古希腊人教给我们的四则启示 还有来自拉丁美洲的一课

为什么是古希腊人? 嗯,(因为)古希腊人早已思索许久, 当神,人,永生三者搅在一起,会发生什么

所以第一则启示来自:西西弗斯 记得么?他做错了一件天大的事,于是被罚日复一日 把一颗巨石滚上(山),它又会滚下来, 他又得把它滚上去,它又会滚下来. 这有点像你的声誉 一旦你被打上电子纹身, 你就将”滚上滚下”好一阵子, 所以当你亲历这件事的时候, 当心你发布的东西

第二则神话:俄耳甫斯,一个很棒的家伙, 很有魅力的伴儿,热爱聚会,很会唱歌, 失去了爱人,用魅力魔法潜入冥府– 用魅力魔法混进冥府的人只有他一个– 迷惑了冥府里的鬼神, 他们释放了他的美人,但条件是 在他们出去之前,他绝不能看她一眼 然后呢,他就往外走啊走啊走啊 然后,他实在忍不住了.他看了她一眼,之后便永远地失去了她 (现在,我们身边)充斥着数据,(在这种情况下),也许 我们最好不要对所爱之人的过去刨根问底

第三课:阿塔兰忒 最棒的跑步健将,她挑战世人: 谁人若能胜她,她便以身相许; 若是负败于她,她即索你性命. 希波墨涅斯怎么跑赢她的呢? 嗯,他有很多神奇的迷你金苹果, 她一跑到前头,他就在地上滚一个迷你金苹果 她一跑到前头,他就在地上滚一个迷你金苹果 她一直分神,他便最终赢得了比赛 请记在心上这些迷你金苹果背后的目的– 它们过来赶着你,你很想发条关于它们的状态, 或者发条有关的微博,或是深夜发条讯息.

接下来(的一课),当然,是(关于)纳雪瑟斯(Narcissus,水仙花,自恋的美少年) (我不会说)在座各位谁自恋,我知道你们跟自恋这个概念不熟 (笑声) 不过,想想纳雪瑟斯, 总之,不要爱上自己的倒影

最后一课,来自一个拉丁美洲人: 他是伟大诗人–豪尔赫·路易斯·博尔赫斯 当他被阿根廷军阀的暴徒 威胁的时候, 他回应道:”噢拜托, 除了以死相逼,你们还能怎么威胁我?” 有趣新颖的威胁法 应该是以永生来威胁某人 而那,当然啦,正是我们所有人 如今正面临的,来自电子纹身的,威胁.