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20200827-common sense

今天英语口语课的时候冒出一个 common sense, 有时候意识到被一些东西潜移默化还是挺有感触的.

今天上课主题是关于 环境保护, 我在跟老师对话中,我自由发挥时说了这么一段:

live a simple life , protect the environment, it shouldn’t be the discipline for people , it should be the common sense .
Because when we talk about discipline , It sounds like there is a hard thing and you should take a lot of effort to make it . But actually , it shouldn’t .
as an adult , we should ,have to , ought to have sense of right and wrong .

没想到我会不经意间用了 common sense 这个词. common sense , 这个词绝对是来自 Charle Munger ,有时候意识到被一些东西潜移默化还是挺有感触的.