If you like Bitcoin, go ahead and buy the actual Bitcoin. Just remember: not your keys, not your coins. Never leave the Bitcoins in the exchanges.

The 8 Laws of Bitcoin

  1. Never discuss your bitcoinDon’t ever disclose the amount of bitcoin you have with anyone. Never!
  2. Not your Keys, not your bitcoinIf your Bitcoin is not stored safely in your wallet, you do not own it. If you leave Bitcoin on an exchange, you do not own it.
  3. If it’s too good to be trueNobody in this world wants to give you free bitcoin. Nobody wants to double your bitcoin. Nobody wants to offer you a business opportunity. It’s a scam. It’s a scam. It’s a scam.
  4. Your seed is your keyYour 24-word seed gives access to your bitcoin. Back up your seed and store this in a secret place offline. Anyone that has this seed can take your bitcoin.
  5. Double, Triple, Quadruple CheckWhen sending or receiving bitcoin, double, triple, and quadruple check that the addresses are correct. One incorrect character can cause you to lose your bitcoin.
  6. Check those linksAnytime you buy, send or receive Bitcoin, make sure you have a verified legitimate link, URL, or website. There are a lot of scamming websites aimed at taking your bitcoin
  7. Everyone has an opinionEveryone has an opinion on bitcoin. Take it with a grain of salt. Never listen to one single individual and do your own research.
  8. InvestingNever invest more than you can stand to lose.

To those who are new to the world of bitcoin:

  1. Ignore the FUD
  2. Buy as much bitcoin as you can, as often as possible. DCA is the way.
  3. Don’t try to trade for short term gains. You will most likely get wrecked.
  4. Don’t go into debt to buy bitcoin.
  5. Be prepared for massive volatility in the short term.
  6. Don’t sell it for 10 years.
  7. Enjoy the rest of your life.
    TL;DR: Buy low, buy high. HODL.


  1. 任何在我出生时已经有的科技都是稀松平常的世界本来秩序的一部分.
  2. 任何在我15-35岁之间诞生的科技都是将会改变世界的革命性产物.
  3. 任何在我35岁之后诞生的科技都是违反自然规律要遭天谴的.

Philosophical razor 哲学剃刀

兰德剃刀:概念不能超出必要性 - 其推论是,也不能忽视概念的必要性.